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Plava vrpca Vjesnika

Plava vrpca Vjesnika award

Plava vrpca Vjesnika (the Vjesnik Blue Ribbon) is an award given for saving life and property at sea. The award was dedicated in 1966 by writer Ratko Zvrko, at that time the editor of the maritime pages in the Croatian daily newspaper Vjesnik. Vjesnik was a newspaper that covered topics concerning the public, political, social and economic life of Croatia. After Vjesnik ceased to exist as a newspaper in 2012, the Seafarers’ Union of Croatia took over the award and registered it as its property.

Plava vrpca Vjesnika is a project that takes place throughout the year: nominations are collected, video material is made with seafarers responsible for rescues while the awards ceremony, organised in December every year, is the grand finale.

The best of the best, the bravest of the brave are chosen by the award committee.

The award is given to individuals and teams. Winners in the individual competition receive a gold ring and a silk pennant and the award for teams consists of a silver plaque and a silk pennant. Also, all nominees receive a plaque as a memento of their nomination for this prestigious award. 

The Plava vrpca Vjesnika award is a unique recognition and, as such, is highly important to seafarers who arrive at the awards ceremony with their whole families to share an important, emotional and festive moment. Being a seafarer is a special profession; what it is like to be at sea for months on end can be understood only by those who have experienced it themselves. This is exactly why seafarers appreciate the award and look forward to the awards ceremony where they pay tribute to each other. The recognition bestowed by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) being modelled after the Plava vrpca Vjesnika award speaks to the importance of the project.

The Seafarers’ Union of Croatia took over the Plava vrpca Vjesnika project because it wanted to protect it from any external or political influence, and it is a great honour that we continue to succeed in this.

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Plava vrpca Vjesnika award over the years

  • 1966 – establishment
    The Plava vrpca Vjesnika award was established in 1966 by Ratko Zvrko, a Croatian writer and the then editor of the maritime section of the Vjesnik daily newspaper.
  • 2012 – SPH saves Plava vrpca Vjesnika award
    After the closure of Vjesnik in 2012, the Seafarers’ Union of Croatia took on the obligation to organise and collect nominations for the award so that it would not be forgotten.
  • 2019 – 55th Plava vrpca Vjesnika award
    The prestigious award for saving life and property at sea marked its 55th year of existence in 2019.
  • Plava vrpca Vjesnika award today
    The award has kept complete political independence to this day. The bravest among the brave are chosen by the award committee and the awards ceremony is held every year in December.