11.02.2016 Iz svijeta

Ipak su nas čuli. S novcem poreznih obveznika Velike Britanije spašavaju se kompanije, ali pomorci od toga nemaju koristi. Hoće li se KONAČNO probuditi pomorska hrvatska administracija i spoznati da je nužno spašavati pomorski kadar u Hrvatskoj. Mi, Sindikat pomoraca Hrvatske imamo plan i s njim smo upoznali i upozorili državnu administraciju. "Komunicirali" smo ga i javno. Možda je ovaj tekst pretežak novom Prvom ministru, (stari nije ni pokušao razumjeti, on je bio i ostao u svom svijetu i malo ili uopće nije mario za naš) pa se nadam da će pročitati na materinjem.


Nautilus has joined with four other unions representing workers in the offshore oil and gas industry to launch a new lobby to campaign against cuts in the sector.

The Offshore Coordinating Group (OCG) has been formed by Nautilus, the RMT, GMB, Unite and Balpa to ‘lead the fightback’ against job losses, pay cuts, lowered safety standards, and cuts in terms and conditions.

The unions used the launch event in Aberdeen to publish a ‘state of the industry report’, which warns that the number of job losses in the North Sea now exceeds — ‘perhaps significantly’ — the widely-reported estimate of 65,000 stated in Oil & Gas UK’s 2015 annual report.

‘Those still in work continue to experience unprecedented attacks on terms and conditions and there are growing fears over the impact of new working practices on the health and safety regime,’ the report adds. ‘Experienced trade union representatives in the sector report that workforce morale has never been lower.’

The report calls for measures to tackle the crisis, including a solid plan for maximising economic benefit from the North Sea, addressing opportunities for standardisation and simplification, and for diversification, together with an end to operators demanding rates cuts from contractors.

The unions also demand action to stop the employment of foreign nationals on exploitative sub-national minimum wage contracts in shipping, as well as an end to flagging-out of helicopter transport in the sector.