27.05.2016 ITF/ETF

Sindikat strojovođa Hrvatske uz podršku Europske federacije transportnih radnika organizira prosvjed protiv otkaza ugovora o radu zamjeniku predsjednika Sindikata strojovođa Hrvatske Dalibor Petrović koji je dobio otkaz zbog obavljanja svoje sindikalne dužnosti. Daliboru je 12. svibnja 2016. godine uručen otkaz u HŽPP, državnoj tvrtci, gdje je radio kao strojovođa. Prosvjed će se održati na Glavnom kolodvoru u Zagrebu 01.06.2016. u 14:00 sati.

Sindikat pomoraca Hrvatske će dati svoju podršku kolegama u Sindikatu strojovođa Hrvatske, a kao znak potpore, na adresu premijera Republike Hrvatske, Ministra pomorstva i Ministra pravosuđa poslano je pismo protesta koje možete pročitati u nastavku:


Mr. Tihomir Orešković Prime Minister

Government of the Republic of Croatia

Trg svetog Marka 2. 10000 Zagreb,


Brussels, 23 May 2016

Dear Prime Minister,

The European Transport Workers’ Federation, representing more than 3.5 million transport workers from more than 230 transport unions and 41 European countries, has been informed about the dismissal of Dalibor Petrovic from the Croatian Railways Passenger Transport HŽPP Company. Mr. Petrovic is the Deputy President of the ETF affiliate Railroad Engineer Trade Union of Croatia and former member of the ETF Executive Committee. The ETF firmly condemns the outrageous dismissal of Dalibor Petrovic. Dalibor Petrovic received notice of his dismissal on the grounds of “loss of confidence” by his employer, the Croatian rail passenger transport company HŽPP, while he was solely executing his trade union duty. Mr. Petrovic asked from three managers to respect railway safety legislation and denounced counterfeiting of working time attendance of train drivers in the company. After being ignored by the managers he reported the illegal behaviour to the General Manager.

Instead of preventing violation of safety rules, the General Manager responded by firing Dalibor Petrovic, accusing him of “violating the dignity of managers”. While the court of first instance confirmed the illegal dismissal and agreed that Dalibor was executing his trade union duty, the company HZPP appealed and the court of second instance reversed the judgement following an unusual short procedural way, not taking into account the arguments of the trade union representative and offering a ridiculous short justification of the decision.

The ETF Executive Committee is particularly shocked by the company’s behaviour considering that the recently adopted new Railway Safety Directive within the 4th Railway Package, also confirmed by the Croatian Transport Minister, introduces the obligation to develop a just culture in the rail sector. Commissioner for transport Violeta Bulc requested the European Railway Agency to swiftly develop in cooperation with the rail stakeholders a system of occurrence reporting. It is the European Union’s objective to guarantee a safety culture in the railway sector that encourages employees to report safety problems without risk for blame and legal prosecution. This is what Dalibor Petrovic did. One of the basic duties of trade union representatives is to guarantee respect of collective bargaining agreements and to prevent harm of workers. The dismissal of Dalibor is a violation of fundamental trade union rights assured by the ILO and by European legislation.

The ETF strongly condemns the dismissal and demands immediate reinstatement and compensation of Dalibor Petrovic. We urge your Government and the relevant Ministers not only to act to reinstate immediately Mr. Petrovic in his job and to compensate him for his damages, but also to make sure that such situations do not occur anymore in the future.


Yours sincerely,

Eduardo CHAGAS, General Secretary

Galerie Agora,

Rue du Marché aux Herbes 105,

Bte 11 B-1000 Brussels

Telephone +32 2 285 46 60

Fax +32 2 280 08 17

Email: etf@etf-europe.org


European Transport Workers’ Federation 


In CC:

 Mr. Oleg Butkovic, Minister of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure of the Republic of Croatia;

 Mr. Ante Sprlje, Minister of Justice of the Republic of Croatia;

 Mr. Drazen Ratkovic, Chairman of HŽPP Board;

 Mr. Nenad Mrgan, President of the Railroad Engineer Trade Union of Croatia.