10.07.2012 ITF/ETF

The ITF is hoping for positive results in the case of detained trade unionist Said Elhairech after a meeting with Moroccan diplomats in London. ITF general secretary David Cockroft and ITF maritime coordinator Stephen Cotton met with the country’s deputy head of mission Othmane Bahnini on Friday. 

“It was a very positive meeting and we made real progress,” David Cockroft said, adding that Moroccan diplomats had assured the high-level ITF team of the independence of their country's judiciary. "We hope that Said will be released soon," he added.

The ITF has also offered to facilitate the testimony of French and Spanish ITF inspectors should it be required in the Comarit-Comanav corruption case. The ITF reiterated that Said, who is from the UMT dockers' union, played an important role in assisted abandoned seafarers after the ferry company stopped operating in May.