21.07.2013 ITF/ETF

Bivši generalni tajnik ITF-a, David Cockroft, uputio je pismo Martinu Wolfu, kao reakciju na kolumnu naziva "Globalisation in a time of trasition" iz 17.srpnja 2013, objavljeno u Financial timesu u petak 19.srpnja. Cockroft poziva na pravu globalizaciju u smislu osmišljavanja globalnih unificiranih kodeksa i pravila koja će štiti sve radnike, bez obzira na pravila koja vrijede unutar kompanija. Prenosimo tekst u originalu:

As the recently retired general secretary of the International Transport Workers Federation, which has been working for international rules governing international
business (in shipping) for more than 60 years, I have a lot of experience of how protection does not serve the interests of working people. However, there is one little phrase I disagree with. He says: “Businesses are no longer on the same side as their workers.” They never have been, although they have often pretended they were to get support for protectionist measures from social democratic parties. To eliminate the option for businesses of obeying the laws they like and finding ways around the ones they don’t (Starbucks, Google and Amazon’s approach to taxation comes to mind!) you need to replace national rules with global ones, including those protecting labour.
That is what the International Labour Organisation, the labour wing of the UN, is for. And the ILO’s first enforceable international labour convention (the 2006 Maritime Labour Convention) will come into force in just over a month. Decent shipowners have long recognised that they need enforced global rules to stop unfair
competition from the bad ones. We need a similar set of enforceable standards in every sector where the global supply chain operates, and that is most sectors.
The recent experience of voluntary standards agreed with Industriall and UNI Global Union, the ITF’s counterparts in the industrial world, go a long way. While some employers choose to ignore them, decent global businesses will need enforceable global labour standards.
David Cockroft,
London N6, UK
Former ITF general secret