02.01.2015 Aktivnosti SPH

According to the Italian coast guard, ship EZADEN under the flag of Sierra Leone, was floating about 60 miles southeast of the Italian coast, apparently abandoned by the crew. 450 defenseless refugees avoided shipwrecking thanks to the Italian coast guard.

This is the story that is constantly repeated, to the shame of the democratic world that does not solve the problem, but tries to reduce the destructiveness of the consequences. Started democratic processes in the North African continent, which is being helped by the same democratic world, degenerated into anarchy, famine and misery.

The worst comes back again to the weakest and the poorest, that are sent to their deaths earning millions of dollars for the western world.

Dear old Europe, still holding its head in the sand, while the real seafarers and ship crews are under more and more dangerous threats. Solution to the problem is on the mainland.


capt. Predrag Brazzoduro for Seafarers' Union of Croatia