28.02.2015 Aktivnosti SPH

Sindikat pomoraca Hrvatske je od jučer brojniji za još jednog zaposlenika: ITF inspektora kapetana Marija Šarca. Ovim putem čestitamo Mariju na nominaciji koju je ostvario u Tajništvu ITF-a u Londonu proteklog tjedna te prenosimo pismo o nominaciji Marija kojeg potpisuje Jacqueline Smith, koordinator Pomorskog odjela unutar ITF-a. 

Our ref: SSD/JS/sr

Re: Croatian Inspectorate Interviews With reference to the interviews that took place on Wednesday 25th February 2015 in London. 

27 February 2015

Dear Predrag,

I have now received the recommendation from the interview panel. My understanding is that Mario Sarac conducted himself very well during the interview and that all of the interviewers were impressed with his approach, attitude and sense of social commitment, all of which are essential in ITF inspectors. As you know, the panel interviewed two candidates and was unanimous in their decision to recommend Mario as the new ITF Inspector in Croatia, a decision which I am happy to endorse.

The appointment is based in Rijeka but will if necessary cover any other port in Croatia. Steve Trowsdale will be in contact with both you and Mario shortly to discuss salary, appointment date, training etc. Please pass on congratulations to Mario for the time and effort he put into the interview, my best wishes to him in his new role and to you and the Sindikat Pomoraca Hrvatske (Seafarers' Union of Croatia) for your support of the process.

Best regards

Yours fraternally

Jacqueline Smith

ITF Maritime Coordinator